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Best Foods to Eat for Breakfast

A lot of people who feel concerned with patterns of eating for breakfast can increase body weight. Actually do the breakfast with regular thus can lose weight. Then how do I order breakfast can provide optimal benefits for your body Follows a few tips for a good breakfast made with regular. First try for eight or 10 hours after dinner you don't consume any food. For the morning is the ideal time for breakfast. When the body has had enough time to do the metabolic and nutritional intake is ready to accept the first.

Consume fruit is a highly recommended first food. Because the sugar in the body already began to decline during the morning to lowest level, so that the body releases substances replace it with sugar in layers of muscle and glycogen. Because it's very good and recommended increasing the intake of fresh fruit juice or eat fruit during breakfast.

The fruit contains many vitamins and minerals that are healthy for the body. Natural fruit juice provides the sugar levels in the blood after reduced during sleep. Bananas, potatoes, citrus fruit and can meet the needs of carbohydrates, vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium and potassium.

Then go on to consume glucose have good carbs. Cereals, whole wheat bread with peanut butter can meet the needs of these important substances. In addition to being able to improve the ability of the brain and intelligence. The body will lack substance of glucose can cause disruptions in brain function.

  • Healthy breakfast in the morning with one portion of cereal with low-fat milk solution plus one hard boiled egg can provide 70% of calorie intake so as to meet the 13% of daily protein requirements.
  • Omelette with tomato content, low-fat cheese or spinach plus is a food that can make you feel full longer.
  • Contents of wheat bread cheese with low-fat content.
  • One serving of red rice Plus an omelet with sliced tomatoes or lettuce.

To make your breakfast is always healthy and nutritional adequacy as well as have vitamins needed by the body to make sure Your breakfast menu on there are deposits of complex carbohydrates and protein.


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