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New Top Tips for a Healthy Back

New top tips for a healthy back. Back pain is often experienced by those who work all day, or sitting often lift heavy loads. The pain in...

New Top Tips for a Healthy Back

New top tips for a healthy back. Back pain is often experienced by those who work all day, or sitting often lift heavy loads. The pain incurred can be healed by itself, but for those who experience back pain is chronic, pain often returns. Back pain caused by pain in the bones, muscles, nerves, and other structures in the spine. Back pain is medically known as dosage term.

Pain in the back of the field can be constant or intermittent depending on the degree of back pain disease sufferer. Even some sufferers can feel such pain stabbed and burnt in a part such as your back. The perceived pain can become chronic and can spread from the lower back to the upper back section. Even for those who are already experiencing a chronic back pain often experience symptoms such as numbness.

There are three kinds of back pain is often felt:
  • At the bottom of the back pain (tailbone).
  • The back pain.
  • Pain in the neck.

The Causes Of Back Pain

Lower back pain is often caused due to the way of sitting and standing are often wrong, or did not correct way when lifting stuff.  If you often sit in quite a long time, the position of the back will adjust the way you sit. Because the body is always adapting to the weight, when your back and hips was made as the object. At the time of sitting the flexor muscles of the hip would stiffen. It causes you will experience a State of unbalanced muscle.

If the way you sit is wrong, and it's done in a long time to immediate daily will have an impact on postural dysfunction on the backs of the rear area. The habit of sitting or standing incorrectly continuously can make the backbone becomes abnormal. This triggers you will experience back pain. Another thing that causes back pain often returns the habits you use shoes with high heels. This often results in the object's weight is only charged on one leg. Likewise, when you pick up the goods, heavy pressure load on the back is quite dangerous if done the wrong way.

How to naturally Treat back pain if you often feel back pain you can try to treat it by consuming herbal remedies made from natural herbs such as mangosteen rind or extra made from soursop leaves. Both of these types contain a substance that is able to rid the body of free radicals or excessive toxic substances in the body.

The mangosteen rind has a xanthone compounds, a substance high in anti oxidants which are very beneficial as a antiimflamasi can inhibit inflammation of the joints that experience pain in waist for gastric.

Another benefit of the substance inside the skin of the mangosteen can inhibit oxidation or premature aging. This will protect the suffering directly from back pain is often felt back. If consumed regularly natural herbal remedy made from the extract of mangosteen rind slowly can give you maximum relief for back pain.

Another way to treat back pain, that is by consuming natural herbal remedy made from soursop leaf eksrak. The content of substances such as tannins, phytosterol, caoksalad, akaloid murisine in soursop leaves were able to overcome the problem of pain in joints. Work with how to parse the pain, then relaxes tense muscles and suppress inflammation.  Those who regularly consume natural herbal remedy made from the extract of mangosteen and soursop leaves skin, many are already feeling the benefits, and it worked to cure back pain frequently back felt.


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  2. Back pain can be very restrictive sometimes. You cannot do what you want if you are suffering from back ache. It is important that you make your body flexible by doing some flexibility exercises. You can perform such exercises at your workplace too. Take break every hour to relax your muscles and body parts by stretching.

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