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Regular Diet Can Cure Cancer

Regular diet can cure breast cancer. I want to share the experience is invaluable for maintaining your health. One day my sister who was a student of the University often complain of a pain in the left chest, after being reviewed by a medical expert turns out he stated postitif breast cancer. The family began to feel anxious, because cancers including malignant disease is deadly.

Initially doctors recommend immediate surgery to remove the cancer, but the family has other considerations. Then look for an alternative treatment, when it comes to meet the medical professionals turned out he just gives it sounds spele therapy. If you have to do surgery later the family was worried about her child will lose one of her breasts, and fearful college disturbed. Finally, the family chose to try to start therapy suggested by traditional healers.
After running for three months of therapy, but the result is extraordinary. At the time of breast cancer doctor checks by the missing girl. It seemed hardly believe it, but that's the way it is, my sister breast cancer survivor who endured.

Therapy was done and can cure the cancer is to run the diet on a regular basis. Traditional healers encountered in place suggest running a simple diet therapy.

A diet that is run as follows:
If this morning your diet with fish, eat when lunch and dinner should not eat meat, eggs, or other similar foods. Perform such a diet with a regular continuously.

This means that every day you do not consume the same diet. Keep more multiply eat vegetables on the menu. Avoid eating foods that contain a lot of fat in a day. If a regular diet with a good run, you can immediately see the results within one to three months.


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